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At DIG Direct, our passion is changing lives one dog at a time. We know the power of a community aligned with a common purpose, and we’ve coupled a passionate community of dog lovers with a compelling business to transform lives, have fun, earn money, and make a huge impact on the lives of others.

DIG Direct is a unique business that incorporates retail sales, affiliate marketing, direct selling, and a relationship-based sales model that allows you to fully operate from your laptop or even your phone.

The DIG Direct business is:


DIG Direct takes care of all customer support, provides the tools you need to operate your business, and even provides done-for-you marketing campaigns to help you grow your business.


Build your business on your terms. The more you build, the more you earn.


It’s about dogs! It’s about happiness! It’s about connecting with others and bonding over a shared “love of Dog” and, together, building a business that benefits dogs and their people.

DIG Direct provides a positive environment for dog lovers - one where contribution and making a difference is top of mind. You can share your passion and love of dogs while building a business completely on your terms with quality products, services, and experiences - all while being rewarded through a generous compensation plan.

DIG Direct ... A place to “chase your dreams”, “leave your mark”, and “fetch a life worth barking about”.

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The DIG Business Kit is the only required purchase to become a Brand Ambassador. Registration is a one-time fee of$49, and there is an annual renewal fee of $15.99. There is a monthly "tech fee" of $12.99 for your personal DIG Direct online store, the DIG Direct App (when available), and the business tools in your back office. The first charge of $12.99 will occur in 30 days (first month is free). Nonprofit registrants will not be charged an enrollment fee or an annual renewal fee, and the tech fee will be waived for months when the nonprofit maintains "active" status.

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If you are a California resident CLICK HERE for important information regarding your rights under the CCPA

If you are a California resident CLICK HERE for important information regarding your rights under the CCPA.

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